UV printer and special effects

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Recently, there has been a great interest of offset printers who use UV printers to print special effects that were previously determined by the screen printing technique. In offset drives, the most popular model is the dimensions of the worktop 60 x 90 cm because it is compatible with their production in B2 format.

Using digital printing today can easily achieve results that were technically impossible or too expensive for classical processes. When using UV inks, there is no need to make new additional tools, preparation costs are low, and each copy can be different. This improved printing is easier to place on the market and achieves much better sales results. The creative potential and possibilities of this technology are really great.

When printing with UV ink, due to too fast drying, the ink coating remains protruding above the substrate. With larger coats of paint, this results in the effect of sandpaper, ie we get a relief structure of the printed surface. If we “exaggerate” with this effect, it is possible to turn this offer into an advantage.

Drying technology and the composition of UV inks have advanced so much to date that it is possible to achieve different levels of smoothness with one print – from high gloss to surfaces with a matte effect. If we want to achieve a matte effect, the surface should be as similar as possible to sandpaper. On such a surface, the light is refracted unevenly, it returns less to the observer, which creates the so-called matte effect. If we print the same design in such a way that the surface is smooth, the light is reflected in one direction and we get the so-called bright effect in the eye of the beholder. The smoother the surface, the better the shiny effect.

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