Our company was founded on 21. of November 1991 and our story, like many others, had a modest beginning. We all started from the living room of our apartment having a vision that has led us forward through all these years. A lot has changed in the last 30 years, but we have managed to maintain our community.

Our community is made up of a team of people who, through mutual support, build their environment and prosper together. The administration, finance, commercial and technical support sectors are always at your disposal for all questions and requests. Through our joint work, we have managed to set the standards by which we are recognizable.

The professional team is part of the Dekor Art community that cooperates with partners and customers, trying to provide you with all the necessary information, facilitate the entire process and meet your expectations.

Our long-term partners are companies that offer self-adhesive label materials – Raflatac, foils – Lemmaco, paints and varnishes – Flint Group Narrow Web, cylinders and die-cutting tools – Kocher + Beck, machines for finishing graphic processing of self-adhesive labels – Lemorau, varnishes and adhesives – Ashland, archiving systems – Jalema.

Dekor Art is a socially responsible company that strives to contribute to the environment by participating in humanitarian actions. We believe that the quality of our products and services is one of the reasons why we are turning 30 this year. We are proud of our clients with whom we progress together and we are always ready to innovate. Of course, through all these years, our environment has changed, but we proudly point out those who have stayed with us from the very beginning until today, which is why we are extremely happy.

We are located in Novi Sad, from where our products travel to you via roads of Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia and Croatia. Love for the work we do gives us the strength to try to beat ourselves every day and become better and achieve better results together. Already 30 years together,
because we believe that safety and quality are a winning combination. Do not hesitate, but see for yourself our reliability, your Dekor-Art.