Tidy up your paperwork with Secolor!

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Everyone knows our colored Secolor folders. We make them in many different colours, types and sizes. This time, we’ll take a closer look at Secolor’s folders and explain their different uses.


When you are cleaning up at work or at home, you will undoubtedly come across things that you do not want or cannot throw away immediately. In your work situation, consider, for example, documents with financial information (which must be kept for about seven years), documents with medical information (which usually have to be kept for 15 years), or, for example, construction drawings, which sometimes even have to be kept for 100(!) years. Secolor offers various solutions for this. Take the Secolor Pocket Folders for example. All Secolor folders are made from chlorine- and acid-free Colorkraft cardboard, so you don’t have to worry about the quality of the cardboard. This will not affect your documents in the folder.


So… now that you’ve cleared out the papers you need to put away, let’s look at the documents you’d like to bundle. These are usually documents that you probably want to view or need more often. The Secolor Clip or Clipex folder is ideal for this! These FSC®-certified Secolor folders have a Jalema Clip(ex) attached, so that you can safely bundle and store your documents. Very handy if you want to read the documents again! In addition, the Clipex is also provided with an ICN12 quality mark, which means that no plasticizers are used in the Jalema Clipex. Not only is this good for the environment, it won’t affect your documents either!

To sort

Last but not least, you probably also have documents that you would like to find easily and therefore would like to sort clearly. This can be done in a Secolor sort folder or a Sixtab folder. Do you like to use suspension files? Then you can choose an inner folder from Secolor, so that you can put it together in a lateral folder. A handy way to store customer data, for example. One last tip; if you encode the folders with the Jalema Codetabs, you can find the information up to 40% faster than if you would search for it like this!

We wish you every success!