Metallic & Special Effects Labels

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A wide range of embellishment technologies can help brands stand out on the shelf.

With SKU proliferation and an explosion of new brands, metallic and special effects labels can help in the high-stakes game of standing out on the shelf. The print embellishment options often utilized are embossing/debossing, holography, metalized effects, and specialty inks.

According to Nicole Rivera, director of administration and marketing at K Laser Technology, labels have two ultimate goals: to convey information and grab consumers’ attention. The use of metallics and special effects have emerged as a popular way to achieve these goals.

Foils help embellish labels and packaging by adding features regular inks cannot. These effects allow the label to pop on the shelf, grabbing the consumer’s eye in a sea of products.

“We want to help create vibrant and dramatic embellishments on label and folding carton packaging,” says Gary Bibler, creative director at K Laser Technology. “The foil is a tool for the designers to enhance their creative skills and provide a successful solution for their clients, as well as the consumer.”

What should converters keep in mind when exploring the world of metallics and special effects? The primary factors to think about are motif/design, patterns and/or finishes, selected printing process, pre/post/or inline embellishment, product specification, substrate, colors, overprinting requirements, additional effects, and quantities.

“Answers and details provided will often dictate the best solution and technology, as well as set potential future targets and goals for development,” notes Allan Quimby, marketing manager at Kurz USA. “The collaboration process is always evolving and changing for customers and brand owners. It will depend on the technologies they have currently, technologies they want, design and branding requirements tied to the embellishment, and more. Decoration and embellishment options are almost limitless as they relate to technologies and available solutions with Kurz.”