Why choose pad printing?

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When was the last time you saw a promotional pen or lighter?

Lighters or pens with the company logo, contact or any other information are part of the promotional campaigns of many of our companies and this is not a phenomenon that happens without reason, but let’s not talk about promotional campaigns, but we have another question for you. Do you know how to print on such small rounded surfaces?

It is a special printing technique called pad printing and is used precisely for printing on such inaccessible surfaces. Pad printing is used for printing on objects made of glass, ceramics, and rubber, and is most often used for making advertising material, even though it is easily adapted to different surfaces, so it is considered a revolutionary printing technique.

What are the advantages of pad printing?

Conventional printing techniques, such as screen printing, are limited to the use of mostly flat surfaces, and this is where we come to the fact that the main advantage of pad printing is the use of a silicone pad that enables printing in hard-to-reach places.

Changes in the industry are frequent and large, this is reflected in the brand of companies, their supply and demand in the market, and all of these represent the basis for changes that affect the appearance of promotional material, and this printing technique offers precisely the possibility of easy adjustment.

What colors are used in pad printing?

Different types of printing inks are used for different applications. Four types of inks are used in pad printing, namely: one-component inks, two-component inks, mixed inks, and LED inks. The print with pad printing is about 4 – 20 microns, which allows you to apply the second layer without waiting a long time for drying.

How to choose the right tampon?

That is actually a silicone pad and it is the core of the entire printing technique. Today, it can be found in different forms such as round, rectangular, and linear, and it is very important to choose high-quality, strong enough, and large tampons. Harder tampons mean a clearer impression for you, while larger tampons are less likely to deform.

What is the situation in Serbia?

Serbia, together with Slovenia, has great potential for this type of press, compared to the surrounding countries. The development of the industry in our country contributes to a greater need for printing advertising materials, which would automatically mean the need for pad printing.

We can certainly say that this is a very flexible printing technique which, due to its advantages, has great possibilities for further development in our area.