The power of special effects

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An amazing combination of tactile and visual appeal

Everyone in the graphics industry has been hearing for many years about how the press, due to a number of different reasons, will disappear from the market over time. The years go by, but the situation in the printing industry is not weak, but stronger. There are many interesting things that give the press only greater importance, and one of them is special effects. A special effect is a way to add uniqueness and luxury to every printed product.

Why use special effects?

The special effects in print are above all pleasing to the eye. They also cause the use of the sense of touch, which is considered to be more related to memory than using only the sense of sight.

Special effects have become a big boom in the last couple of years and more and more print clients are not only looking for the press, but want something special. Special effects leave a deeper and stronger impression on clients. And perhaps most importantly today, they set the product apart from the crowd.

By their nature, people are more interested in things that immediately attract attention, which is one of the great advantages of special effects.

Wide range of special effects

A growing opportunity to provide printing services is to offer customers products that are decorated or enhanced with special effects. Commercial printing houses, packaging manufacturers and others will certainly benefit if they offer customers products that stand out from the crowd with special effects.

Today on the market there is a wide range of special effects that allow all printed materials, advertising and marketing, packaging, labels, brochures, books … to look unique and at first glance won the end customer.

In addition to the special effects themselves, the possibility of using them on a wide range of substrates is also very important. Continuous advances in printing technology, finishing solutions and substrates enable the use of new methods that increase the strength and value of printing. Special effects combined with the right substrate can turn printed materials into high-value products.