The most commonly used special effects

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Special effects in print are not an easy task, but they are not a special specter. Here are some of the most commonly present and used on the market today, and with which your product will surely stand out from the crowd.

Foil print

The technique by which the ink from the metallized foil is transferred to the substrate under the influence of high temperature, which gives a great effect that cannot be achieved by any other printing technique. The advantage of using the foil technique is that the foils come in different colors and products in countless designs and patterns.

Special colors

Special colors have the power to retain attention, which leads to further interaction with the product, and that, in the long run, helps the growth of the brand. Panton paints, metallic paints, fluorescent, phosphorescent, thermosensitive paints or paints that emit an odor when rubbed are just some of the examples of special paints.

A limited number of tones can be reproduced with classic four-color printing (CMYK). That is why the appearance of heel, spot or pontoon color is not uncommon in the press. These colors are used when we want to make the print special, ie richer than the standard one. These colors are obtained by mixing basic colors – Purple, Violet, Reflex Blue, Process Blue, Green, Black, Yellow, Orange … – when printing


Varnish is a liquid resin that is added to a printed product to achieve a glossy or matte effect. Similar to a transparent top coat of paint, varnish is applied as a top coat over finished applications. In addition to highlighting the lacquered details of the product, it gives a dose of sophistication, the final product protects from scratches, stains and other types of damage. Varnished products are often used in printing today, while it is considered to be almost indispensable in packaging. The use of varnish is very wide, it can be matte, glossy, satin or neutral. When we talk about varnishing, we should especially emphasize UV ​​varnishing, which products really offer this effect. UV varnish dries almost instantly under UV light and leaves a great first impression on the press.

There are several other types of special effects such as coatings, cutting, embossing and many non-standard materials and effects. For more information on special effects and how you can use them, feel free to contact us.