The advantages of various binding techniques

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Binding documents creates order and structure. There are various techniques available to bind documents! For every goal and document there is a suitable technique. Let’s have a look!

Jalema is the player with the largest assortment of binding techniques. We are specialised in our field and have a solution for every question of storage. Storing files, or binding documents for everyday use, presenting information. These are all different questions of storage. But which technique is the best choice?

First of all, we’ll have a look at clips. Jalema has various kinds in its selection, like the JalemaClip and the JalemaClipex. The JalemaClip is a flexible binding mechanism that has been an unrivalled success for years, thanks to its high quality. The JalemaClipex is the best for long-term storage, because this technique doesn’t use any softeners. What’s so handy about these clips?

  • Sheets can be taken out or inserted in seconds.
  • Perforation holes cannot tear.
  • Leaf through it like a book.
  • Always have completely legible pages.
  • Copy it without having to take a sheet out.
  • Saves space (the file or folder is no thicker than its contents).
  • The JalemaClip can be used both in a binder and separately (e.g. for emptying out binders).


A quick-binder is a tool to bring papers together to make a file. The quick-binder consists of a narrow metal strip that is attached to a strip of cardboard or plastic. The end of the metal strips are bent, so they fit through the perforator holes in the paper. Atop of the papers, the strip can be bent flat again, so the papers are kept together. It usually comes with a cardboard or plastic protective strip to prevent damage to the papers.

  • Sheets can be easily taken out or inserted.
  • Saves space (the file or folder is no thicker than its contents).
  • Cost efficient way of storing documents.

Strip binder

Our strip binder is a unique mechanism for quickly storing documents, but at the same time giving the presentation of these documents an upgrade. The durable folder made from sustainable recycled plastic with binder is a good choice for easily inserting and taking out documents. These are thethe advantages:

  • Binder with 2 strips to bind documents.
  • The strip binder is a unique mechanism for quickly storing documents.
  • Sheets can be easily taken out or inserted.
  • Two eyes in the back of the binder for placement in a file folder or ring binder.
  • Made from durable, sustainable recycled plastic (polypropylene, PP).
  • Storage capacity: 12 mm.

Jalema Plifix

With the PLI-FIX, you can bind and label your old documents in no time at all. Then you can simply store them in a cardboard or plastic archiving box. This strong U-binder is perfect for clearing out file folders and binding and archiving documents.

  • Plastic-coated metal U-binder (80mm) with black plastic tips.
  • Fits any standard 80 mm file folder or ring binder mechanism.
  • Comes with labels.

Paperclip / paperclick

Everyone knows the humble paperclip. Jalema created the Paperclick, allowing you to easily click together a small stack of documents. PaperClicks will work with two sheets, but are absolutely ideal for sizeable documents or larger numbers of loose sheets.

  • A quick, durable binding mechanism.
  • A stack of loose sheets turned into a structured unit in a single click.
  • Ideal for a professional presentation, quotation or report.


Always wanted a mechanism where perforation is unnecessary? Because what if you punch a hole through crucial information, and you lose it! The Clampfile is the solution. This binding mechanism with cover for A4-sized documents can hold up to 30 documents.

  • Clamp folder for A4-sized documents.
  • With clamp mechanism for holding documents together.
  • With a logical hand motion, you can add or take out sheets.
  • Made from durable, sustainable recycled plastic (polypropylene, PP).
  • Storage capacity: up to 30 sheets.

Permanent storage

Jalema also has the solution for permanently storing documents. The Jalemaclip is a flexible mechanism without any softeners. Softeners can damage documents that are in storage for a long period of time. These softeners can be let out of their flexible tube thanks to the special composition of the new base material. These mechanisms meet the requirements for permanent storage as stipulated in the Dutch archiving law and causes no mechanical damage to precious archive records and meet ICN12 quality standards.


Research shows that bacteria and viruses survive for at least 72 hours on every surface they land on. The test report for our new antibacterial JalemaClip shows that after 24 hours, 99.995% of bacteria are destroyed. The materials that make up the ABClip contain additional silver ions, that offer protection against microbes.

A microbial protection is effective against the growth of bacteria, fungi and other microbes. Ideal for the medical sector. It is also a good property when storing documents long-term. This antibacterial protection increases the quality and durability of the product.

We have given you a lot of information to process! There’s something for everyone. Are you attached to your documents? Jalema is!