Pigment films

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Main Characteristics:

• possible to print at high speeds

• high coverage abilities with excellent sharpness

• very good smudge, scratch and abrasion resistance

• excellent humidity and freezing resistance

Recommended Applications:

• High versatility, coated/uncoated papers and boards leather, PVC, OPP, PE, vinyl, PET, PA (nylon) polar substrates.

Stamping Conditions:

• Vertical machines: 75°C – 150°C (165°F – 302°F)


Main Characteristics:

• excellent crease resistance

• many types of plastic

• op-down stamping with metal die on all current used coding devices

• exact stamping on margin

• suited for coding of prices, weights, expiration dates, etc.

Recommended Applications:

• Many types of plastic PVC, cellglas, polyester, PE, PP, PA, printed paper, etc

Stamping Conditions:

• Vertical machines: 90°C – 130°C at surface of the die


Main Characteristics:

• matt pigment on polyester carrier

• excellent, free releasing with very clear definition

• used on a wide range of foiling applications, primarily where detailed marking of information is required.

Recommended Applications:

• A large number of flexible and rigid plastics but expecially polyethylene and polypropylene. It is also suited for use in conjunction with spent foil extraction systems such as those used within the pipe and cable marking industry.

Stamping Conditions:

• 120 ˚C -170 ˚C (248˚F-338˚F)


Main Characteristics:

• pigment foil to bookbinding and graphic purpose

• excellent durability

• sharp definition for fine to medium coverage

Recommended Applications:

• many types of materials: paper, cardboard, wood, leather, varnished and laminated surfaces

Stamping Conditions:

• Platen press machines:: 100°C – 120°C

• Cylinder machines: 150°C – 170°C