Other effects achieved with a UV printer

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In recent months, a lot has been done on gold printing using classic CMYK. Many substrates are not suitable for the use of foils, and a gold effect can be easily achieved with a UV printer. The color used is very colored and rich in pigment, which ensures high brilliance, and on the other hand, high gloss is obtained by using varnish. By combining these elements, a very beautiful gold print can be obtained.

The popularity of UV printers is that they have provided graphic artists with easy printing of many prints on non-standard surfaces such as wood, glass or various types of plastic. Also, lately, there is a great interest of offset printers who use UV printers for special effects printing, which they used to do with the screen printing technique.

They use it for smaller surfaces in the production of book covers on which to print partial lacquer, Braille or white print on dark designer paper. Partial varnish is used when making diplomas or invitations. For designer business cards, multi-layer printing is used, which achieves a relief effect of several millimeters thick.

Luxury brochures, annual financial reports, book covers, wine labels or diplomas are unthinkable without the use of partial varnish, white paint or embossed printing, all of which are possible with a UV printer. The investment in a UV system is not great when it is suitable for B2 format. Using digital printing today can easily achieve a result that was technically impossible or too expensive for classical processes. When using UV inks, there is no need to make additional tools, preparation costs are low, and each copy can be different. This way, the improved printing can be easier to place on the market and achieve better sales results. Creative potential and possibilities are limitless.