Responsible archiving with Infinio

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The Jalema collection offers numerous storage options. Made from, for example, cardboard or polypropylene (PP), with or without certification, etc.! A good example is Infinio; a complete series of storage folders. An important brand for the Dutch market in particular. What makes the Infinio line special is that all products are FSC® and ICN certified. Sounds nice, but what exactly does that mean?

FSC® | For responsible forest management

The Infinio folders are therefore (just like a large part of our folders) provided with an FSC® certification. FSC® is an abbreviation for Forest Stewardship Counsel. This is an organization committed to responsible forest management. They speak of responsible forest management when the ecological, social and economic aspects involved in forest management are in balance. FSC® wants to arrange all this in the most transparent way possible. Because Jalema attaches great importance to this, all products from the Infinio series are made from FSC®-certified cardboard.


The ICN quality mark has a number of subdivisions, three of which are important for Jalema. These are ICN 1, 2 and 12. This includes looking at the durability of the document carriers, for example how often the carrier can be folded open and closed. The materials that are processed in the document carrier are also examined and whether they do not affect the documents archived in the document carrier. The great thing about the Infinio products is that they all meet one of the ICN certifications.


ICN 1 is assigned to file folders without a permanent storage attachment mechanism , for example the Infinio A4 Plug- in folder or the Infinio File folder . These folders are made of chlorine- and acid-free cardboard and are therefore extremely suitable for permanent, loose-leaf storage.


ICN 2 is assigned to file folders with permanent storage attachment mechanism , for example the Infinio A4 Clipex folder . Just like the Infinio A4 Insert, this folder is made of chlorine- and acid-free Colorkraft cardboard and also contains the Jalema Clipex, which is made without plasticizers so that no ink sticks to it.

ICN 12

ICN 12 is assigned to fastening mechanisms intended for permanent storage, for example the JalemaClipex . This is a variant of the JalemaClip that is suitable for long-term storage. This is because, as described above, it contains no plasticizers and is PVC-free.

In addition to the above, the ICN quality mark on a file cover guarantees that the file cover can store the content for a long time. The documents in the file cover are not affected by the cover cardboard. The ICN quality mark therefore goes further than just acid-free folders and must be recognized and used by all Dutch government institutions.

The ICN-certified Infinio products are therefore the perfect solution for all government institutions. The series is ideally suited for anyone who wants to keep documents for a longer period of time, such as municipalities, architects or hospitals.