Five areas to help adjust and grow your business

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A survey conducted by WhatTheyThink, “Printing Outlook 2022”, showed that 78% of printing houses recorded an increase in revenue in 2021 compared to 2020, and 17% of them said that their revenue increased by more than 25% compared to 2020. year.

The global commercial printing market is projected to grow to $ 472.35 billion by 2026 from $ 411.99 billion in 2020. This is said to be driven by technological advances and higher demand for small-fee jobs, including books, direct mail , brochures and catalogs.

Technological developments and ways to support an ever-changing market are topics that manufacturers and suppliers have continued to explore during the pandemic.

The result is end-to-end production improvements that allow printing houses to prepare for the future. These are five areas that have been positively affected by development.

1. Hardware – development has increased automation, quality and productivity and helped printing houses to increase capacity, improve quality and expand their services.

2. Software – efficient connection of all stages of production facilitates the entire process that maximizes operating time and capacity.

3. Applications – In order to better highlight and achieve maximum performance, the industry is strongly focused on colors that offer a wider choice and more vibrant applications.

4. Variety of substrates – ink jet technology is becoming one of the fastest growing segments due to the flexibility of substrates that can be printed on, including gypsum boards, plastic, wood, metals … 5. Business development – investing in the above areas will make a difference, and the effect will be greater if it is part of a clear development plan which is not always easy, and the right choice of supplier will certainly help you.