Create the most elegant professional documents with Jalema Thermo covers

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Jalema introduces a beautiful line of Thermo Hard and Softcovers with matching binding machines. Binding quickly and efficiently is now possible at the office, too. Impress people with your annual accounts, your report or your brochure with this line of thermo covers.

The ideal solution for an elegant presentation

The Thermo Softcover is the ideal solution to present documents. The transparent cover makes it possible to personalise the document. Documents will also retain the right identity, thanks to your personalised cover page. Binding the Thermo Softcovers is simple! By heating them, the documents are bound firmly and quickly. Give the document a shake afterwards and it is ready to be used.

A professionally bound book? Easy!

Binding books costs a lot of time and money. Jalema has the solution! With the Jalema Thermo Hardcovers, the book is bound in less than two minutes. The firm and luxurious covers create the right look. With the Thermo Hardcover, your documents are well protected.

Binding made quick and easy

With the Thermobind machine, you can easily create your complete report at the office. Within mere seconds, the Thermo Hard and Softcovers allow you to present your documents elegantly. The machine has a short warm-up period and is very easy to use. Upgrade your documents in no time at all, using our Hard and Softcovers.