And what do we do now?

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The year 2022 was a glimmer of hope that the situation would finally stabilize after the virus pandemic, but everyone hoped in vain, the war in Ukraine started, which brings with it even greater consequences.

In addition to the many hardships and obstacles we faced in previous years, such as various blockades, price increases, lack of materials, labor, it seems that the effort to overcome this period is in vain, problems just continue to arise. We may have adapted to these unstable conditions by now, but if we haven’t, we definitely will have to. Inflation, which rules the world at the moment, is causing big headaches for everyone, which has not escaped our printing industry either.

Problems with gas and electricity are something that is yet to come… The price increase in the food industry is another in a series of items that directly affect the packaging industry. Food manufacturers will be forced to work together with printers to find sustainable solutions.

What can we do?

There are several things that will reduce our costs so that we can successfully overcome this crisis as well. Cost management – start with small costs like small electricity savings by switching to different lighting (of course, you can always install a UV-LED system in your existing machine and save over 50% of the machine’s power consumption), you can analyze your business to determine where Your biggest losses and find a way to solve it.

Always be prepared, for all possible situations that will not miss us, or at least try to be ready for changes, because there will certainly be some. If it’s any consolation, the printing industry has rarely achieved annual growth below the level of GDP, it will certainly not be easy for us, but one thing is certain – we will survive.

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