A desk make-over

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Is it time to give your office a make-over, and create a personal atmosphere in the place you spend the biggest part of your day? Jalema, office supplies manufacturer, launches its newest line of desk accessories: Jalema Marble. Elegantly decorating your desk is no longer impossible!

Jalema develops and produces dozens of different kinds of desk accessories in many colours, creating sound choices for every taste. The Jalema Marble line takes it a step further. This line was developed with a group of designers, and features the top design of the year: the marble look!

Your personal touch with this complete desk accessories set

Creating a personal touch in your workspace while remaining stylish is now possible with the Jalema Marble line. This line consists of a desk accessories set with letter box, a pen case, a memo cube and a notebook. All matching in design. This set is available in two colours; the light grey and dark grey marble look.

Structure your workspace

This set gives you everything you need for a tidy and structured workspace. The storage options come from the various stackable letter boxes, the matching pen case for all your writing utensils and the memo cube to quickly jot down information. The note book gives you space to write down all your ideas and notes from meetings or phone conversations. In short: now that this set is available, your workspace is begging for a make-over!