10 facts about promo products that will surprise you

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For many years, promotional products have been used as cost-effective marketing tactics to reach a larger number of consumers and to create brand awareness. This is an effective marketing method for attracting customers, which is used by even the world’s biggest players. On the other hand, for small companies, promo products help reduce marketing budgets, and at the same time attract the attention of consumers.

Promotional products are all around us. Whether it’s t-shirts, pens, umbrellas, canvas bags or some sophisticated, personalized, even high-tech product. They have networked both in private life and in the business world, and their popularity is constantly growing.

Here are 10 all-time facts about promotional products you may not have known:

– 31% of consumers own a promo bag.

– 84% of baby boomers own a promo bag.

– Brand recognition is greatest for clothing, and 85% of people remember the advertiser.

– The first known promotional products were badges from 1789, when George Washington was the American president.

– Promo bags generate the most impressions than any other product, with almost 6000 over time.

– 20% of consumers own more than 10 different promo pens and stationery.

– Promotional cups are more effective than advertising on the radio; 57% of people remember the advertiser on the cup, and only 28% can remember the advertiser on TV.

– 47% of consumers keep a promotional T-shirt for 2 years or longer.

– 91% of consumers have a promotional product in their kitchen. – The promotional calendar will generate about 850 impressions during its lifetime.